TIME magazine article brags about election fraud !

To all you deniers regarding the election fraud out there… WE TOLD YOU SO, but you stupidly keep believing whatever lies the corporations and lying teachers in your schools tell you. Time magazine has an article bragging about it, rubbing the trickery and criminality of the globalist evil elites into everyone’s face.

With Mike Lindell’s video about election fraud, plus the court cases recently proving the election fraud, TIME magazine is showing that the lying mass media corporations have to back down because it was true all along, the election was fraudulent. Now they’re trying to spin it as a “good thing” when clearly to any reasonable person this fraud was a massive crime committed against the American people.

Could it be that the 2nd attempted “impeachment” of Donald Trump is because the Democrats know that Trump actually won the election?

Original article for everyone to read is here:


Archived here if TIME tries to edit, hide, or delete the article


Liberal Hivemind’s video on the TIME article

As Salty Cracker says, the exposure of the truth, that the election was totally fraudulent and stolen has forced the mainstream liars into admitting it, even as they try to spin that it was a “good deed”

While the lying corporate mass media continues to gaslight the public, truth comes out regardless.

This is Mike Lindell’s documentary about the election fraud

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